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Indoor Environmental Quality
EPA's Indoor Air Quality - website information resources
This site provides a lot of information relating to indoor air quality issues, including subjects such as, "An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality," "Managing Asthma in the School Environment," how to obtain the Building Air Quality Guide, "IAQ Design Tools for Schools," information on mold, moisture, and mildew, and much more. 
OSHA's Indoor Air Quality - website information resources
Concerns with indoor air quality (IAQ) have increased since energy conservation measures were instituted in office buildings during the 1970s, minimizing the infiltration of outside air and contributing to the buildup of indoor air contaminants. IAQ generally refers to the quality of the air in an office environment. Other terms related to IAQ include indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and "sick building syndrome" (SBS).
(See also OSHA Technical Manual.)
Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc.
The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) is a nonprofit, multi-disciplined organization, dedicated to promoting the exchange of indoor environmental information, through education and research, for the safety and well being of the general public. 
US Consumer Product Safety Commission
This site provides a long list of IAQ publications available for down loading.  .
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in any building requires integrating many components of a complex system. Indoor environment problems are preventable and solvable and practical guidance on how to manage your building for good indoor environmental quality is available.
HPAC Engineering
HPAC Engineering is a forum for peer-to-peer communication among engineering professionals in the buildings and construction industries. Our editorial content is carefully planned, solicited, edited, and presented. Our graphics and tables are designed by Penton Media's talented illustrators. Our Website is a treasure trove of content, with all of our feature articles dating back to 1992 available in high-quality PDF format.  (See article on duct liner -
NADCA - National Air Duct Cleaners Association
NADCA is dedicated to educating the consumer about best practices in the HVAC system cleaning industry, and has developed a series of guidelines and standards to assist in this effort. The association produces other publications and CDs that contain valuable information for consumers and members alike.
National Safety Council
The National Safety Council conducts a variety of outreach and education activities on air quality issues. These following efforts are supported by grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
American Lung Association
The "Indoor Air Pollution Fact Sheet" provides a wealth of information on health issues associated with indoor air quality.